Why Buy Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers are low maintenance, as they as dried they do not require any water. 

Dried flowers last up to 3 years if cared for properly, whilst real wet flowers are a short term decorative feature that need changing each few weeks. 

Dried flowers give a different feel to a home rather real wet flowers. They are boho, textured & vibrant but still natural. 

Dried flowers are also more environmentally friendly. The flower trade takes up a huge amount of energy, growing, harvesting and shipping flowers all around the world on a daily basis. As dried flowers last longer, they use less energy and they are therefore more environmentally friendly.

You can read more about the impact of the flower trade on the environment here

At Primavera, we are passionate about the environment. Green is the only way forward and we have based our business policies around being more than carbon neutral - we want to be carbon negative.

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